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StaticErrors is a gem to help with the creation of static error pages. It allows you to use a dynamically generated page as a template, so all of your default styling and layouts can be used to design the error page. This dynamic page is then saved for static rendering.


rake static_errors <options: option=value,value2>
Options Use Default
path Changes the dynamic error root url http://localhost:3000/errors/
languages Any additional languages to save <none>
errors Which errors to save <none>
destination Where to save the static error pages public/

Use Cases

1: Basic Operations

rake static_errors errors=404

Saving http://localhost:3000/errors/404 to public/404.html

2: Multiple Errors

rake static_errors errors=422,500

Saving http://localhost:3000/errors/422 to public/422.html
Saving http://localhost:3000/errors/500 to public/500.html

3: Multiple Languages

rake static_errors errors=422 languages=en-GB,de

Saving http://localhost:3000/errors/422 to public/422.html
Saving http://localhost:3000/errors/422?locale=en-GB to public/422.en-GB.html
Saving http://localhost:3000/errors/422?locale=de to public/

4: Custom URL / Filepaths

rake static_errors errors=422 path=http://mytestserver/special_errors/ destination=public/local/errors/

Saving http://mytestserver/special_errors/422 to public/local/errors/422.html

Final Considerations

You may wish to check the urls of any externally referenced files needed to render your error pages. ex: Should jquery/bootstrap/etc be at the same url for your static errors?

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